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Empty Meeting Room

Remote Working

This current health crisis is seeing a lot of people working from home for the first time. We share some hints and tips for when the physical meeting rooms are empty.

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Water Drops

Water water everywhere...

Over recent years, Ofwat has been putting increasing pressure on water companies to perform in new ways, on top of the other challenges they are facing, such as an ageing infrastructure.

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Bugs eye

Are we still bugged by the millennium bug?

Twenty years ago, governments across the world were warning the public to prepare for the ‘millennium bug’. There’s a common perception that it was a ‘fuss about nothing’ – or was it that meticulous planning prevented catastrophe?

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Preparing for a safe flight

What lessons will organisations learn about crisis planning, following the collapse of Thomas Cook?

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Sitecore Editor - Which direction to take?

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Runner on blocks

Real Time Marketing - Ready to pounce

In today’s fast-paced world of social media, there is a real need for businesses to be prepared to response instantly to myriad situations

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Classic Racing Car

In the fast lane

Is morotsport a good analogy for DevOps?

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Worried Woman

Is content creation keeping you awake at night?

Creating content is an ongoing battle for marketers, with 97 per cent struggling to produce enough of it

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CCTV Camera

Keeping guard of personal data

Over the past 12 months, Sitecore has been working across the organisation to ensure compliance with the GDPR and other privacy laws

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Clouds on a blue sky

Up in the clouds - IaaS or PaaS

Sitecore’s introduction to PaaS has come through the expansion of its partnership benefits with Microsoft, which has seen Sitecore 9 hosted on Azure.

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Mobile on the go

When a huge 85 per cent of Internet uses expect the mobile version of a website to be faster than the desktop, can your website live up to expectations?

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CMS & CRM - A seamless approach

At Lake Solutions we have worked with a number of clients on seamlessly integrating their CRM system with their Sitecore website, giving them the ability to share data and sales leads between the two platforms.

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