Water water everywhere…

Over recent years, Ofwat has been putting increasing pressure on water companies to perform in new ways, on top of the other challenges they are facing, such as an ageing infrastructure.


Real Time Marketing

Ready to pounce

In today’s fast-paced world of social media, there is a real need for businesses to be prepared to response instantly to myriad situations


Think like a publisher!

Are you content with your content?

Nowadays we hear a lot about content and its importance in the marketing mix. But, what is content and how do we create it and manage it?


Mobile on the go

When a huge 85 per cent of Internet uses expect the mobile version of a website to be faster than the desktop, can your website live up to expectations?


Artificial Intelligence and Images

Picture This

How AI can lend a hand to content creators and developers alike



What makes a good college website

As with any educational establishment, first impressions count


Are your customers

Feeling Anonymous?

Does browsing a website you click on regularly sometimes make you feel like you’re in a faceless shopping mall – when you’d rather be treated with recognition?


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Watching me, watching you

AI is one of the most discussed technologies in the world today, with the potential to alter the way we interact with websites across all platforms.



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Welcome to Lake Solutions

Our team of strategic, creative and technical experts works to ensure your digital projects are not just beautiful to look at, but also empower your organisation with the data and insight your business demands.

We align your marketing plan and business goals with your online engagement to ensure your customers receive great service at every point of contact.

Your Boutique Development Team

At Lake Solutions, we consider ourselves to be a boutique technical agency.

We specialise in a small number of complementary technologies, allowing us to focus our expert knowledge and deliver efficient projects.

Our Services

Sitecore Development

Let us take your project to the next level by leveraging the Sitecore CMS platform. It delivers a personal and engaging experience underpinned by industry leading technology.


Do you have an existing project that needs help? Are you planning a new project? Our team will work with you on your projects to ensure you realise the potential of your investment, while delivering a high quality service.


Do you have target audiences with differing content needs? Do you have varying product types you need to communicate to your customers? We will tailor your visitors experience to their needs, driving engagement and conversion.

CMS Selection

Choosing the correct tools to underpin your solution is key. Our experience in Sitecore, Umbraco and Kentico allows us to ensure you set off on the right path.


Our web development team works to the highest levels of professionalism to ensure your project is visually impactful, works well, performs and can be supported for many years to come.

White Label Services

Are you an agency looking for support on a project? Do you need help delivering? Ar you being asked to work in technologies your in-house team is not familiar with? We can work as part of your team to ensure your clients' requirements are met to the highest standards.