Ecommerce Data Management

Data you can rely on is important to any organisation.  When that data has actual monetary value such as financial transactions or account balances its importance moves into the world of business critical.  We were recently asked by an agency to support a project working with business critical data such as this.  Its client, a high profile restaurant group was migrating its suite of websites between platforms.  Whilst the agency was concentrating on the build, we worked to ensure its client data was present and correct at the launch of the new sites.


When each new website went live, all customer and financial information was to be migrated to the new site.  The complexity here was that the migration needed to happen multiple times to support testing and user acceptance, handle the timespan of the go live process and ensure the group's customers could not spend their gift card balances more than once.


Our solution was to treat the migration of this critical data as an application in its own right.  With the client, we developed a process which could not only transfer the necessary data, but also update it from its original source over time.  This transactional and incremental approach allowed our client to keep both new and old systems in sync during the critical go live period.  A series of account and balance reports ensured all data was correct as evidence for the client.


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Ian Jepp
05 August 2015