Technical oversight for financial services project

One of our agency clients approached us at Lake Solutions with an exciting challenge - to help deliver a website, to exacting standard in terms of reliability, performance, technical capabilities, security and quality of product.  Additionally, we were asked to do this within a very short time frame all under the scrutiny of the customer's and the Financial Services Authority's compliance requirements.

As part of a project such as this, attention to detail is critical and high quality documentation is a must.  Working closely with our agency client and the end customer, we worked to deliver technical specifications, infrastructure designs, change control procedures and processes, archiving solutions and security oversight.

Working with our partners at Rackspace we rolled out the infrastructure with zero points of failure across the whole environment, spanning multiple data centres.  Automated fail-over in the event of any single data centre or device failure ensured the customer their brand would remain on-line at all times.

Working in such environments, security is critical, with each element of the solution penetration tested multiple times throughout the delivery.

Version control of content is nothing new in the world of CMS systems, but being asked to build a solution to deliver any page on the site, as it appeared on a given date and time, regardless of software and code updates at any time in the last 100 years posed quite a challenge.  Our solution woven in to both the CMS and the change control/deployment processes supported the customer's compliance requirements even when working with responsive websites.

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Ian Jepp
06 April 2015