Client rolls out automated build and deployment

Our agency client was looking to improve the efficiency of their software delivery.

Digital agencies have traditionally struggled to make use of technologies such as continuous integration, automated build, automated testing, automated deployment and continuous deployment.  With projects often only running for short periods of time with tight budgets the overhead of the configuration for these approaches is seen as too high a price to pay.  However as technologies and tools have improved the overheads are reducing and the benefits are increasing.

As a partner of Octopus Deploy we worked with our client to analyse the CMS technologies in use, the various infrastructures and the types of environments in which deployments would need to operate.  Building a technology stack for our client upon proven tools such as Team City and Octopus Deploy allowed us to cover each type of deployment and CMS needed.

Once our stack was in place, templating and configuration carried out, our client could model even the most complex of deployment scenarios.  Sitting back and watching as our client performed a release for one of its clients to twelve servers over multiple data centres with the push of just a couple of buttons was amazing.  Our client build their confidence with their new found abilities to track each software change, each task ticket, each release on to each environment from development, through test,user acceptance to production.  Everything recorded and reproducible.

To find out how process changes such as this could help your organisation or agency speak with our team today.

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Ian Jepp
09 July 2015