Site Stability Woes

Lake Solutions was called upon recently by one of our agency clients.  A website was experiencing stability issues, going off-line at random times in the day and night.

Most problems in the world of development can be fixed, but first you need to be able to reproduce the issue.  Our client was faced with a situation where development and test environment all worked flawlessly, however production less so.

At Lake Solutions we worked with our client and end customer to investigate and diagnose the fault., drawing up a series of diagnosis processes to narrow in on the culprit.  Over the coming days, test after test narrowed in on the root cause of the issues, in this case a bug within the CMS platform itself.  After working with the CMS supplier to correct and patch the bug site stability was restored.

Whilst not all bugs are as complex to diagnose and fix as this, a buggy or unstable site can cause brands great damage.  If you have a site experiencing issues, contact us today and get your brand back on a stable footing.


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Ian Jepp
10 July 2015