Getting URLs right

One of our agency clients recently engaged us to carry out remedial fixes on a large Umbraco site.

The structure of a site's URLs is becoming increasingly important.  Not only do web content consumers expect to see friendly URL structures, so do search engines as they crawl and index your site.

Our task on this project was to reorganise the site's content and recode the URL logic to create a fluid and understandable structure in line with latest SEO best practise.  Once complete, the client was able to manage their content in a far more intuitive way.  Widespread content structure changes can be complex and time consuming, but by working with the CMS system's APIs to transition content programmatically manual content updates were kept to a minimum and the total cost of the project reduced.

If you need support with your content structure or feel it's holding back your SEO efforts, contact us today.

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08 January 2016