Ensuring value with a systems review

Our client is an international charity supporting people all over the world to gain access to clean, safe drinking water.  Charities, like most organisations, are very conscious to extract the maximum value out of their investment and want to keep total cost of ownership (TCO) of their systems and processes to a minimum.

Working closely with our client, a full audit was carried out of all the communication and engagement channels to fully understand the types of engagements occurring as well as the many target audiences.

At the heart of the organisation is its customer data and its management within their CRM and communications tools are critical to ensuring consistent and focused messaging.

As part of the audit of the tools being utilised such as its CMS - Sitecore was also evaluated to ensure maximum value was being extracted from its right feature set.

Our findings will help focus the direction the organisation adopts with the use of its systems in the years to come.

Sitecore, as part of its communication infrastructure plays a key role.  Its ability to deliver multi-site, multi-language, multi-channel communications all integrated with behind the scenes CRM systems empowers the organisation.

If you are unsure you are extracting the most out of your systems, contact us today and discuss how Lake Solutions can work with you to put your engagement back on track.

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Ian Jepp
02 July 2015