WaterAid launches latest ApplePay support

We are proud to announce that WaterAid has just launched their joint campaign with Apple to support ApplePay for their UK supporters.

WaterAid were approach by Apple to participate in a joint campaign to highlight ApplePay’s donation capabilities and the smooth user experience (UX) for supporters that can be archived.

We had the challenge to introduce the new ApplePay payment UX in a very short time scale.  The project focused around improved onsite conversion optimisation utilising streamlined UX and the latest ApplePay integration.  

Key to the changes required is a complete reversal of the existing donation process.  The existing process followed the time honoured route of asking for all personal, communication and donation details then sending the supporter to the payment step to complete their donation.  

To make best use of the UX improvements ApplePay can offer, this process is completely reversed, so only the donation value is asked of the supporter and all personal details are gained by the tight integration with ApplePay.  This process reversal results in a far shorter route to conversion.

Behind the scenes the integration with ApplePay and the organisations CRM ensured onward communications and engagement would be smooth and controlled.

The result of this project was a huge reduction in the manual data captured directly from potential supporters.  The number of data values captured reduced from 14 to just 3.  This smoother UX has led to a reduced barrier to conversion for ApplePay enabled visitors.

WaterAid ApplePay Support

As the updates have been built using Sitecore best practice, personalisation and multi variant testing can be applied allowing for additional information to be conditionally captured and conversion rates tested.

Integrating the new ApplePay features with the existing business processes has allowed WaterAid to continue to engage with supporters with minimal system changes, reducing cost and providing ease of use.

To find out how your organisation can benefit from the latest UX or payment technologies get in contact today.

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08 March 2017