Scaling Sitecore - Sitecore Publication Service

Operating Sitecore at scale often throws up a number of challenges, from high traffic volumes, availability or sheer content size.  Now, however, publication of large content sets is no longer a challenge.

If you operate large sites with high volumes of content items you well know the publication process can be time consuming. Often taking minutes or in extreme cases hours to perform full publication processes. Sitecore’s team have updated the architecture of the content publication process in the form of the Sitecore Publishing Service. This service which fully supports traditional IIS hosted and Azure situations now shortens the publication time dramatically. In addition, publication operations are performed asynchronously, meaning content editors are not waiting for publication to complete before they can resume their site editing work.

In our projects we have seen considerable performance increase even on modest size sites with incremental publishes of whole sites (smart publish) seeing 4000% speed improvements.

If you would like to find out more about how the Sitecore Publication Service can improve and speed up your CMS workflow contact us today to arrange a demonstration.

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13 July 2017