Sitecore 9: The force is strong

Since its inception 20 years ago, Sitecore has been an innovator and a leader in its field. Since then, Sitecore has built a vital role as a guardian of the customer experience – expertly and bravely leading us earthlings into places we’ve not been before. 

It was apt, therefore, that an interview with Luke Skywalker himself, aka Mark Hamill, was the highlight of the grand unveiling of Sitecore’s latest upgrade – Sitecore 9 – in Las Vegas recently.

While the Star Wars franchise must take the film world’s prize for constant innovation, Sitecore also continues to surprise and delight. Whilst fans waiting anxiously for their next Star Wars offering, this upgrade from Sitecore marks the company’s full transformation into a cloud company – offering improved hosting capabilities - and the upgrade offers an astounding amount of new functionality and features in just one release.

As a Sitecore Partner Lake Solutions is ready to introduce this new functionality and capabilities to our existing customers – and upgraded migration and conversion tools mean that implementing these exciting new tools and updates is straightforward. If you’re already on Sitecore 6.6, 7.2, 7.5 or XP 8, then we can offer express migration. From XP 8.1 or later, then we can upgrade our customers directly to Sitecore XP 9. 

If you’re not yet a Sitecore user, now is the most exciting time to find out what the Sitecore experience has to offer. 

Among the highlights of Sitecore 9 are:

Sitecore xConnect

xConnect is an Application Programme Interface (API) which allows integration of third party data sources – allowing you to select exactly what data you need to import or extract. Working with personalisation, email and commerce, it will revolutionalise your marketing campaigns, helping you to more efficiently understand, discover and target your customers and potential customers. 

With xConnect you can collect, connect and store data from campaigns and monitor consumer behaviour – thus making customer communication and retention more efficient and effective.

Sitecore Forms

With Sitecore 9 comes Sitecore Forms, giving digital marketers the ability to more effectively create and manage forms – whether they are membership sign-ups, questionnaires or surveys. 

It boasts mobile-friendly drag and drop elements and forms can be created, replicated, fully personalised and published easily. Forms are also reusable – meaning less time dedicated to the build process. 

Sitecore Cortex

Also included in Sitecore XP 9 is Sitecore Cortex, a platform for machine learning. This gives marketers the ability to understand, in real time, how content performs, while being able to adapt and target content to appeal more effectively to their chosen audience. In time, Cortex will also deliver intelligent segmentation and automated personalisation. 

Headless content delivery

Sitecore 9 gives users the ability to create content and then publish it elsewhere – on other apps and the Internet, for example. This gives marketers endless opportunities to share content and get it in front of a bigger audience more easily – while maintaining engagement analytics. 

Sitecore Experience Commerce

For customers who require retail as part of their mix, Sitecore 9 includes a fully integrated enterprise-level commerce platform – Sitecore Experience Commerce. It enables commerce to be weaved into content led journeys to achieve higher conversion. 

Speak to us to find out more about what Sitecore 9 can do for you and your business.

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12 December 2017