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Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the ninth year running
Sitecore has been named as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for web content management (WCM) for the ninth year running

Recognised as a world-leading way of ranking competing players in the major technology markets, a Gartner Magic Quadrant is a culmination of research in a specific market, resulting in a wide-angle view of the relative positions of the market’s competitors. By applying a graphical treatment and a uniform set of evaluation criteria, a Magic Quadrant helps to quickly ascertain how well technology providers are executing their stated visions and how well they are performing against Gartner’s market view.

A Magic Quadrant provides a graphical competitive positioning of four types of technology providers, in markets where growth is high and provider differentiation is distinct:

  • Leaders execute well against their current vision and are well positioned for tomorrow.
  • Visionaries understand where the market is going or have a vision for changing market rules, but do not yet execute well.
  • Niche players focus successfully on a small segment or are unfocused and do not out-innovate or outperform others.
  • Challengers execute well today or may dominate a large segment but do not demonstrate an understanding of market direction.
The Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM assesses the strengths and weaknesses of 18 WCM vendors, delivering a valuable insight for those looking to optimise digital marketing platforms for a better customer experience. Along with strategic insights for those planning a WCM investment, the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM includes an analysis of market trends and detailed evaluations of the markets’ key technologies. 

In response to its positioning, Sitecore says:

  • We believe our market understanding and strategy is why Sitecore has been positioned either highest on execution or furthest on vision a total of seven times
  • We’ve held the highest position on the Ability to Execute axis for four years in a row, and we believe this is because of our ability to ensure customer success
  • We believe our pace of innovation is why Sitecore continues to be trusted by many of the world’s leading companies who make customer engagement a priority.
Sitecore’s advanced content management platform uniquely collects and connects all customer data to let marketers create, tailor and personalise each customer experience. This not only makes a visitor’s experience work for them but it builds engagement. 

The Experience Platform delivers personalisation in Sitecore that gives marketers everything they need to understand visitor needs and intents for delivering a more relevant, personalised experience - from initial visit to post-purchase engagement and nurturing.

To find out more about how Lake Solutions can work with you to tailor and deliver the Sitecore platform and help your organisation realise its goals, contact us today.

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Ian Jepp
30 August 2018