Time to call it a day? Probably Not!

At Lake Solutions, we are known for taking on projects from the beginning and driving them forward to completion. However, with our wide experience of Sitecore, we are also happy to work on a consultancy basis – stepping in where projects might be under pressure to deliver or carrying out a project review. 

Perhaps you have concerns over your existing project and how it is supporting your organisation? We will assess progress to date and your current business goals and work with you to deliver improvements to ensure your project is a success.

We have seen that sometimes companies which are in the midst of a new website launch can become disillusioned with the whole project if parts of it don’t seem to be performing as anticipated. Perhaps the build has been done badly or there is conflict within the team? Sometimes everything gets blamed on the platform, when there are other factors to take into consideration. 

As a Sitecore partner, we have been brought into situations where a company is blaming the platform, when the issues are actually surrounding implementation. Our role then can seem a little bit like a relationship counsellor – working with both parties to help them decide whether to completely start afresh or engage with the process and push on. 

In the past, we have seen large organisations simply give up and throw whole website projects in the bin – when all that was needed was time and effort to get some issues fixed and everything back on course. 

In the heat of the moment, what many companies don’t consider is the costs involved with dumping a project and starting from scratch – when all they probably need is the support of a partner who can come in with fresh eyes. 

Web projects can be technically complex, incorporate many channels and involve many suppliers or stakeholders. At Lake Solutions, we work with you to assess your project and offer cost effective and practical advice. We can offer to support to deliver your project, either taking the project over or working in collaboration with other suppliers. 

We can also run a performance review on existing Sitecore platforms; conduct performance tests of your project, undertake code reviews and offer recommendations to address any performance pinch points. 

Call us today to discuss your issues and get your digital project back on track. 

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Ian Jepp
24 October 2018