Needle in a haystack

The biggest news at the recent Sitecore Symposium 2018 in Orlando was that Sitecore is to buy Stylelabs, creator of the Marketing Content Hub® platform. It is a move which will see the Sitecore Experience Cloud incorporate Stylelabs’ digital asset management, marketing resource management (MRM), and product information management (PIM) applications. 

Consumers today are demanding a variety of content delivered in myriad different ways but the majority of businesses admit that they don’t have the technology in place to manage their content or even know where images and videos, for instance, are stored. This is where digital asset management or DAM can help and it is this facility which Stylelabs offers Sitecore. 

DAM is basically the digital equivalent of a library – a method by which organisations can store and, more importantly, find, access and share digital content. It can provide a depository for many different types of content or assets including images, video, presentations, documents and creative files. 

Rather like an old fashioned library, DAM also encompasses ways of tracking who has accessed a particular piece of content but goes further and adds in information about where it’s been used and how etc. It might also include information about how the image can be used in the future (in particular geographic marketplaces for instance) and if any licence agreements to use that asset need to be adhered to or have lapsed. 

Used properly, a DAM will make sure that assets are not just stored, but stored properly and, in these days of increased data protection, it can make sure that data doesn’t get lost. Also, duplicates are removed – so that users know they are using the correct version and aren’t confused by different versions of one image, for instance. 

A DAM also means that assets are stored centrally and that the relevant people know where or how to access content in this ‘hub’ when key members of the team are out of the office or have left the organisation. 

Of course, using a DAM system properly can take a little time initially – users might not just be putting images ‘safely’ in a directory, but might be expected to allocate keywords, to make assets easier to search for and find at a later date. 

DAM provides what a business needs to easily manage, find, share and track all of its digital assets. And, while assets are stored in one location, they can then easily be shared where they to be – whether this be on social media channels, on the web or, perhaps, in email newsletters, to name but a few. 

A well set-up DAM system is also key to maintaining a business’ brand, as it can include robust features which make sure that only the right people have access to shareable digital content, with clear brand guidelines in place to ensure team members use content correctly.

Sitecore says that by combining its capabilities with those offered by Stylelabs, marketing departments will be able to ‘create and optimise the volume of assets needed to treat customers as individuals’. This fits in perfectly with Sitecore’s strengths of providing consumers on an individual basis with the right information, products, and services right when they need them, thus building engagement, trust and loyalty. 

This is a significant purchase for Sitecore and will be attractive for large organisations which are working across multiple channels and utilising large volumes of content types. It’s certainly another tick in the box for Sitecore. If you’d like to find out more, then get in touch with us today. 

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Ian Jepp
21 November 2018