Feeling dizzy - Building A Brand

When setting up a company, many business owners often don’t consider branding – unless they are creating something ‘cool’, such as a fashion company or a trendy coffee shop. But, every business is a brand. That said, building a brand is becoming increasingly difficult in this multi-channel marketplace, particularly if your reach is international. 

A brand isn’t simply your corporate colours and logo – it’s so much more than the visual. It’s a combination of things, such as the experience customers have when they ‘meet’ your business – whether that’s when you provide a service or speak to them on the telephone. A brand is the impression or even the feeling you leave people with. 

Not long ago, maintaining a brand identity wasn’t that hard. You might open a shop, stick up a sign over the entrance, provide things people want to buy and add in some excellent customer service. 

Nowadays, there are myriad channels to grow your brand through. You might promote it through social media, you’ll most probably have a website and you might send out email newsletters. Then bloggers or review sites might jump on your brand and, hopefully, write some kind things about it – but, again, all this can change the way your brand is perceived.

The difficulty businesses have then is maintaining the integrity of its brand across all the various platforms where it has a presence. For companies with an international presence, this can make the process even more difficult – as some channels are more popular in different locations. 

Your brand is your business identity and represents who you are as a business. Ideally, whether it is seen online or offline, this should be consistent – which will help you to gain trust and build brand loyalty. 

Consistency is key; you might have excellent, regularly updated social media channels – but if these then drive potential customers to your website and this doesn’t deliver the same brand image, then that could result in a customer lost or, at best, confused. 

Delivering consistent content across all your platforms is important – as you don’t know at which point a potential new customer will first engage with your brand. In this multichannel and perhaps international environment, first impressions still count and with so many channels to worry about, it can feel a little like you are constantly spinning around. 

It can also be harder to get to know your customers and offer them a personalised brand experience. 

Delivering content across all these platforms can seem like a huge undertaking, which is why Headless CMS is increasing in popularity, as it gives marketers the ability to write content once and have it distributed across all channels. 

Pioneered by Sitecore, headless architecture has made the audience experience smoother and quicker - by moving all the rendering to the devices and streamlining the back end. 

To discover how Sitecore can help you to both develop and maintain a consistent brand, call us today.

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Ian Jepp
17 April 2019