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We discuss the launch of Sitecore Experience Platform 10

The words ‘new’ and ‘launch’ have not been used very much during lockdown. There’s not been much that’s been premiered from films to television shows. The digital world has been fairly quiet too, so it’s exciting to write about the much-anticipated unveiling of Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) 10, as well as Sitecore Experience (XC) 10.

According to Sitecore ‘XP10 is the leading digital experience platform to create efficiencies for both marketing and IT departments by delivering full container support for rapid deployment and more efficient team and solution onboarding; while XC10 provides a foundation for commerce teams with robust new product bundling and promotion capabilities’.  

Sitecore continues: “As digital experiences continue to be the lifeblood of many organisations during the pandemic, companies are working to deliver hyper-personalised customer experiences, fast. According to a recent report by Gartner, ‘The Covid-19 pandemic has elevated the importance of digital experiences for customers and employees. IT leaders must increase the urgency of modernisation and transformation of products and services into experiences through applying digital technologies’.”

During the pandemic, companies have strived to get information and content online as quickly as possible and Sitecore says that XP10 offers ‘smooth deployment flows between environments through consistency, isolation and reproducibility’.

“Delivering better omnichannel experiences is currently paramount to many businesses’ survival and to succeed, they need marketing and IT teams working together to meet customer needs,” says Desta Price, executive vice president of product, Sitecore. “XP10 enables marketing and IT to share the responsibility for customer experience, allowing for more deployment and headless options that create flexibility and choice for users.”

Personalisation is at the centre of Sitecore’s offering and XP10 makes ‘collecting, analysing and acting on enhanced customer data faster for marketers, providing even deeper insights for audience segmentation to strengthen personalisation capabilities across channels and grow customer loyalty’. 

This new launch offers the ability to more easily filter analytics reports by audience segment across multiple channels, so marketers can quickly establish what content is driving engagement across different segments. This makes it easier to build customer profiles and identify personalisation opportunities. 

Using XP10, projects can also be delivered more efficiently as it offers full support for Sitecore Containers, which means developers can address issue of consistency, isolation, and reproducibility and switch more easily between different projects.

There is also expanded XP Content Hub Integration, which promotes collaboration between teams, thus making content creation and planning marketing strategies more efficient.

In addition, Sitecore has revealed that XP10 offers an updated connector functionality to send current visitor Experience Database (xDB) information to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real-time to drive Salesforce marketing automation.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of Sitecore 10 to your business, then get in touch with us today.


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Ian Jepp
08 January 2021