CMS Selection

Engaging with your clients in the modern digital world is now an integrated and multi-channel challenge.  We believe the choice of tools to meet those challenges are as important as your brand design and messaging.

At Lake Solutions, we work with our clients to evaluate and select the most appropriate tools to address your organisation's situation.  By evaluating tools currently being utilised such as CMS, Email Marketing platforms and Social Media tools, combined with current requirements for functionality, scale, performance, security and resilience and, lastly, future organisational direction, we ensure you are on the correct platform.

Every platform we support here at Lake Solutions is an open source or commercial content management platform which affords our clients portability in the future.  We do not tie our clients in to 'agency solution' platforms.

As a boutique technical agency, we specialise in a few high quality CMS platforms which we believe offer an excellent product, ranging from open source Umbraco to the industry leading integrated Web Content Management (WCM) platform – Sitecore.