What can Sitecore offer your business?

As a business, you are unique. You will have competitors but there is nobody out there quite like you. So, you’ll want a website which emphasises your USPs and your culture. But, today, we know it’s not all about you – customer experience is vital too. 

When websites first became commonplace, they were all about that business. Today, they are increasingly about the customer and that customer’s experience. The company driving that change and making websites which offer the very best customer experience is Sitecore.

Sitecore’s advanced content management platform uniquely collects and connects all customer data to let marketers create, tailor and personalise each customer experience. This not only makes a visitor’s experience work for them but it builds engagement. 

The Experience Platform delivers personalisation in Sitecore that gives marketers everything they need to understand visitor needs and intents for delivering a more relevant, personalised experience—from initial visit to post-purchase engagement and nurturing.

Sitecore can even personalise a visit as it’s happen – taking into account the channel a customer has arrived from, the device they are using, what they searched for and the time of the day etc. 

Your Sitecore website will deliver more than just content management, enabling businesses do everything from driving digital brand engagement to building marketing campaigns and gaining a single view of individual customers. 

If your engagement could benefit from Sitecore marketing - personalisation, multivariate testing, engagement automation or cross channel communications - Sitecore is the platform of choice.

Digital marketing

Sitecore offers versatile digital marketing with both marketers and developers given the flexibility, freedom and speed to simply and effectively engage with customers. Sitecore XP will also provide data to drive your email marketing campaigns. 

Sitecore analytics offers the opportunity to collect and connect real-time customer data and interactions from all campaigns, sources and third-party systems, which it translates into data that marketers can act on.
Sitecore XP delivers personalised experiences across myriad channels from the web to point-of-sale and mobile.
With Sitecore you can effectively manage your digital assets from movies to images and PDF files.
Sitecore will help you to deliver the right email offers when your customer or leads need them.
Sitecore Forms offer a drag-and-drop interface giving marketers the power to capture the data they need to power an email campaign.

CRM integration

Customer interaction comes at us from my angles both online and offline and it can be hard for marketers to keep track of it all. 

With Sitecore XP, the Sitecore Experience Database gives marketers fast and simple access to complete customer data. 
It provides a huge marketing data repository that pulls together data gathered about a customer into one place, giving a unique overview of each individual customer. 
Using all available data, you’ll see what a customer or a potential customer has been doing and what they engaged with.
Data is fed into Sitecore Connect which can facilitate data exchange with some of the world’s leading sales packages such as Salesforce, converting potential leads into sales.