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Examining what makes a good college website

As with any educational establishment, a college’s website is usually the first port of call for prospective students, so it has to be engaging and targeted

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Packing in fish

Keywords - No longer packed in like sardines

Packing keywords into copy like sardines is a thing of the past, as Google is increasingly ‘rewarding’ websites for sharing good quality content

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Where in the world - Geolocation

In previous blogs, we’ve spoken about how to personalise content for your website visitors based on their behaviour – but you can also adapt what they see due to their location.

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People in gallery viewing art close up and afar

Open Source vs Commercial CMS - Consider the bigger picture

When it comes to selecting a website CMS platform, take the time to stand back and consider the bigger picture and understand the total cost of ownership of your investment.

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Where everybody knows your name

Does browsing a website you click on regularly sometimes make you feel like you’re in a faceless shopping mall – when you’d rather be treated with recognition, like the regular visitor you are? With Sitecore, we can help personalise the experience for your visitors.

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GDPR: Accountability and transparency

New regulations to harmonise data protection law across the EU – GDPR – comes into force this May and calls upon businesses to exercise accountability and transparency. Thankfully, Sitecore’s latest upgrade, XP 9, offers businesses the tools to help them comply.

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Time for an upgrade?

You’re on Sitecore but are looking to upgrade to version 9 – what do you need to consider before taking the plunge?

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Artificial Intelligence - Watching me, watching you

AI is one of the most discussed technologies in the world today, with the potential to alter the way we interact with websites across all platforms.

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Concert Hall

Spellbinding performance

If your website performance isn’t winning you plaudits with the critics, then it might be time for some help.

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Sitecore 9: The force is strong

Sitecore has continued in its role as a guardian of the customer experience with the launch of its latest upgrade, Sitecore 9

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Scaling Sitecore - Sitecore Publication Service

Operating Sitecore at scale often throws up a number of challenges, now publication is not one of them

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SUGCON 2017 Logo

Lake Solutions at SUGCON 2017

At Lake Solutions we have just returned from another highly successful Sitecore User Conference

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