At Lake Solutions we offer consulting services covering a wide range of uses and areas.

Technology Review

Review of technologies being employed within an organisation or project to ensure quality is high and the solution has the capabilities to support now and in the future.

Systems Review

Working with our clients we review the systems in place and where they could be targeted to deliver greater impact and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Project Review

Have concerns over your existing project and how it is supporting your organisation.  We assess progress to date, the current business goals and recommend approach and deliver improvements to ensure your project is a success.

Delivery Support

Have a project not progressing at the pace required?  We can offer support to deliver you project, either taking the project over or in collaboration with other suppliers.

Performance Review

Site performance is an important consideration when engaging customers.  We can conduct performance tests of your project, conduct code reviews and offer recommendations to address any performance pinch points.

Build and Deployment Support

When change control is critical to your organisations operation and compliance, we can work with the technologies in your project and introduce automated build and deployment options to ensure you know about every change, who made the change, what code was effected, what version it’s built in, what environments its deployed to and when.

Project Oversight

Struggling to keep your suppliers in check? Need help cutting through the jargon? At Lake Solutions are can offer supplier management help to ensure you get what you pay for and only get what you need.

Tender Support

At Lake Solutions we can help you prepare your tender and your selection process. We help compare different offering and suppliers so you get the solution your organisation needs.