Sitecore CMS development

Sitecore is one of the world’s leading Customer Experience Management platforms and it is the choice of many of the world’s most recognised companies. Sitecore is selected as it enables many marketing functions to be driven from through its platform – including social media, email marketing, analytics and CMS.

At Lake Solutions our approach is fully scalable; we can offer our customers simple consultancy right up to the full delivery of a Sitecore platform to a large international enterprise. Whatever your requirements, our Sitecore CMS development team will tailor its approach to best suit your needs.

Sitecore developers within Lake Solutions are ready to tailor the platform and make it fit your business. This will enable you to fully engage and understand your customer base and your prospects in a way you have never done so before, not only through your website but across all your digital channels. 

Our team is extremely experienced in Sitecore development and will offer the professional approach your business is looking for with the quality output you need.

Once your site is up and running – and however complex it is - as your Sitecore developer partner, will we continue to offer full support, meaning you can fully capitalise on your investment in your Sitecore platform. 

As your Sitecore CMS developer, we will build you a platform that is ready for scalability as and when you need more functionality, while we will also work with you to make sure your platform can encompass other solutions in the future – such as implementing e-commerce functionality. 

Sitecore is an ever-changing platform and there are teams at the company’s headquarters always working on the next upgrade; we keep ourselves up to speed with all these new developments and, having got to know your business well, will tell you what new releases will benefit your company particularly – taking into account your budget.

We will continue to test and monitor your platform to make sure it’s performing at its optimum level; identifying any potential issues before they affect your customer relationships. 

Our ongoing Sitecore CMS development will make sure that you have a website and integrated marketing function that works for you and, consequently, works for your customers