New travel website launched

Lake Solutions is delighted that a large website project we have been working on over the past few months has been launched. Our client is a well-regarded travel company, which offers high quality tours across the world.

We’ve discussed a number of the latest CMS technologies in recent blogs and this new website – which is based on a Sitecore platform – makes full use of a number of those, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personalisation.

For a travel business, personalisation allows customers and visitors to enjoy an increasingly personalised journey while visiting a website, which is based on their browsing behaviour and their accumulated profile values.

The process for doing this is implemented through the Sitecore Experience Editor – where you can create rules to determine the types of content a visitor will see. The more times a person visits your website and the more journeys they take within that space will help you to build a profile about that person and enable you to surface particular content.

Using the Sitecore Experience Editor it is possible to customise content to particular visitor personas.

The new website we’ve developed for our travel client also integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has a growing role when it comes to images on websites. Travel companies, such as our client, manage hundreds of photos online -from beaches to mountains and cities to holidaymakers – and AI is a useful way to find that perfect image you need for a blog or a promotional piece by using some simple search terms.

As with any website, our client’s one is viewed on multiple platforms and images will display differently on them all. Cropping images for different platforms is a time-consuming job for content managers and it doesn’t always work … but this is where Sitecore utilises the latest technologies. AI can work out where the focal point of an image is – even if it’s off centre and crop photos to work best in the different platforms.

This technology has saved the content team responsible for images at this business a huge amount of time when curating photographs.

This new website is not simply a shop window for our travel client – but it has been fully integrated with back-end systems, meaning that customers can book their trips directly through the website.

“We are proud of our work on this website; it’s a high-performance site which utilises many state-of-the-art technologies,” says Ian Jepp from Lake Solutions. “As ever, we listened to what our client wanted to achieve with the website and worked closely with the team there to deliver it.”

If you want to find out more about how we can use Sitecore technology to deliver a website for your business, contact us today.

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Ian Jepp
06 September 2018