Hosting and Infrastructure

At Lake Solutions we offer an array of hosting options for your organisation.  As we are a development specialist and not a hosting provider, we work with a number of the leading hosting providers to find the correct environment and support levels for your organisation.

Do you want to host your own site or already have a preferred supplier?  That’s not a problem; we can work with your supplier to ensure the environment supports your chosen site technology.

As all hosting offering are not the same, when deciding on a hosting supplier and environment we start by asking a few questions as part of our hosting planning process;

  • What technology CMS are you using?
  • What are your current traffic levels?
  • What do you expect your traffic levels to increase to in the future?
  • What security, resilience and support requirements does your organisation have?

Once these answers have been collated, we recommend an infrastructure which will meet these requirements.  Only then do we start to look at suppliers who are capable of delivering the infrastructure required.

To find out more about how we approach hosting at Lake Solutions or to discuss your project, contact us to arrange an initial evaluation.